APET/PETG/GAG Decorative Film Extrusion Line


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APET/PETG/GAG Decorative Film Extrusion Line


PET Sheet Single Screw Venting Extrusion Line( APET、PETG、CPET)

PET single screw extrusion line ( with crystallization and drying ) , APET、PETG、CPET single layer and multiple layer sheet extrusion line is one of the most advanced,matured technology,stable machine . Comparing with other suppliers , the general function of GWELL machine can improve 30%;
Only crystallization, no need drying, which is the high quality PET sheet extrusion line developed by GWELL lately . Features :Low energy consumption, simple technology process, convenient maintenance, etc. PET sheet has good toughness, can be used for making 18 cm deep cup.

Main Technical Specification

Model GWS95-1000 GWS120-1000-1300 GWS130-1000-1300
Width(mm) 600-850 600-1100 850-1100
Thickness(mm) 0.15-1.5 0.15-1.5 0.15-1.5
Capacity(kg/h) 250-300 450-550 600-700
Extruder model GWS95/33;105/33+50/33 GWS120/33;120/33+65/33 GWS130/33;130/33+75/33

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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